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How to
Invest in Social Mobility
from birth to the age of 35

Evidence-based decision-making tool to support investment planning and intervention design, using cutting-edge methods, including machine learning and network analysis. Produced for the Rashi Foundation, the JDC, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Welfare and the Jindas organization.

Measuring the Effects
of the Coronavirus Crisis
on “At-Risk” Populations

Designed surveys that identify not only those who have been harmed, but also those who are at risk, either financially or mentally. A study on families in financial distress and Israel’s “new poor” was conducted for the Latet organization, and two measurements of the Crisis’ impact on senior citizens were performed for JDC-Eshel.


How to Help Hungry Families Achieve Food Security?

In a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) we conducted in conjunction with Latet organization, we were able to alleviate hunger for more than half of the families who participated in the trial and improve the condition of all families who were in a state of severe food insecurity.

How can
Municipalities Improve their Performance
and Stay Great Over Time

Based on data-driven international comparisons and using complex system analysis, we created a knowledge-map that outlines the way forward for Israeli municipalities. Produced for the Ministry of Interior and the Maoz organization to support a national training program for change leaders in local governments, called “Makom”.

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268,000 Israelis have fallen into poverty during pandemic, charity says

Latet annual report finds estimated 850,000 families in Israel lack essential housing, education, healthcare and food; half of general population reports significant economic damage as need for financial help jumps by 70%

Thousands of Israelis pushed into poverty amid COVID-19 pandemic - report

Compared to the year before, some 268,000 new households – around 3% of the population – were pushed into poverty.

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